Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Heroes and Villains part 2

The other two images from the assignment. I'm much happier with these two than I was with the first characters. First lady is an "unlikely villain" and the second is a female hero that is supposed to have what Ryan Woodward calls "sex appeal." Personally, I don't like the term because it encourages students to focus on the wrong aspects of what makes a female character attractive. I just like to say that she's pretty.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm not saying that Ryan is encouraging the wrong approach to making tasteful female character designs---I'm saying I don't like the term "sex appeal" because taken by itself, could give the wrong impression. Hope I didn't give anyone the wrong impression with that---if so, I'm sorry.

Any critiques are welcome!


  1. Sam, appreciate how thougtful you are. I think the term "sex appeal" does get us going down the wrong road on this. I mean, I fell into that hole for sure. Oh well. I'll take your opinion and give it some thought. I'm proud of you for making your heroine pretty, but not naked. Way to go.


  2. These are really succesfull Sam. I like how you go from one style to another so easly.

  3. I've been through all your archives. Great blog! Some very funny pictures and wonderful colors :) I'll come back...

  4. These women are fantastic. The second one is quite sexy, and she isn't even wearing a bikini! Quite a feat. Good job.

  5. I wish I were in that class. This looks like a fun assignment. I like the heroine.

  6. Hey Sam

    your blog is really nice
    got here through the avalanche blog...had to see more

    very nice


  7. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Dave: It's a very good class, but very difficult also! I probably spend 20 hours/week on homework for all of my classes together, but 15 of those hours are easily spent on this class.

  8. Great stuff as always Sam. Although I am sad ya'll beat me to the punch. My next personal topic was going to be super villains.

  9. Adam, still do it! These villains are hardly super anyway.

  10. I love them both! I like that you made your heroine cute, without seeming ditsy. And I really like the villains feet/shoe shapes. Nice designs!

  11. I love these - particularly that sock puppet one! You really pushed that pose successfully.

  12. Again, great heroine.

    Also my jazzy cook character is for a story i might pitch for the senior project about a diner cook in 1920's Harlem. He's on top of his game, until a huge construction worker comes in and orders so much food that despite his best efforts, he makes a mistake on the order.

  13. Thanks for your opinion on sex appeal. I also like some of the stuff Audrey was saying in class. Way to stand up for being righteous. I think its important in this industry to find where you stand in what kind of work you will produce. And your stuff looks great as always.

  14. Sam, I need your opinion on the lighting/color in my last drawing of a snake charmer that I did. ( I need a masters opinion)you can email me or reply on my blog if you have a second. Thanks Sam.


    email: tayanimate@msn.com

    -Taylor K.

  15. Anonymous6:01 AM

    We had a big discussion in class over that second picture. Spent, like, and hour and a half talking about what qualified as "sex appeal," if it meant skin or not, if being attractive was the same as being sexy and sexy the same as being beautiful, and what we would portray as we would be thrust into the cold, hard world of media arts.

    It was a very interesting discussion.

    By the way, I think you fulfilled the assignment very well with this picture. She's form-fitting in some area, and has soft ruffles in others, and long hair, making her very sexy but also very innocent and pretty. 'Svery nice.

    Okay, shutting up now.


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