Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Costume designs

I've been sketching with pencil and paper a lot more lately, and trying to get some of the rust off.  Unfortunately, I'm not confident enough yet to break the inks out, so these were inked and colored digitally.
As a side note, I've noticed that it's very difficult to design costumes that look good regardless of what the character is doing. Still, I've found I get the best results with a fairly straightforward stance pose.


  1. Looking good Sam! Good thing you're using pencils and paper. I think it's refreshing to get away from a computer-monitor every once in a while by working traditionally. :D

  2. These are great--and they feel so fresh and new too. I love the guy's arms.

  3. Hey, these are really cool designs! I like this simple style of rendering you've got going on here.

    One thing if you don't mind, the guy's boots bother me a bit. I wonder how he'd look if his pants simply went straight down, and we only saw the toes of his boots sticking out. Seems like it might focus the design more on its defining feature, the arms. Anyway just a thought.

    Also, the articles you've done over at the art center blog have been fantastic - thank you for those!!

  4. I actually strongly agree with The above guy about the boots. Cool drawings.

  5. Yeah, practical yet interesting clothing doesn't always find it's way around a moving figure. That's the joy of the animation medium though, doesn't need to be real- just believed.

  6. trop beau

  7. These are awesome.

  8. Godd sketch Sam , i like the girl one.
    .Perhaps , the backgrounds are very plastic (rough textures).
    .But they are nice!

    Check my blog when you want, i have paint a few portraits , and I would like that you see them!

  9. Compared to previous work is not good
    Good luck

  10. Great Sketch! I like the costumes, very cool

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  12. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Veeeery cool stuff. Damn i shoulda stuck with drawing, myself. Re. your costumes - ever heard of comic-book artist Dave Johnson?

  13. I would just say hats off to you keep the good work up and thanks you so much for sharing


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