Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Our morning exercise yesterday was where you take a random scribble and turn it into something. And since I've been watching Scott Robertson's Youtube channel, this happened. Don't start thinking about it too much or all the parts won't make sense together.


  1. Hey, that is a very interesting exercise! I should do something like that today :D

  2. There used to be this artist on TV when I was little - he'd have a kid come up and make a sqiggle then he'd turn it into a drawing of something wonderful. I learned from that concept and I've kinda carried it through all the levels of my life - most especially, I think, through motherhood. All you get is squiggles there. A million a day. Out of them, you have to craft a concept of life that will carry your children forward. Not sure I ever attained 3D, though. I know my lighting was probably off. Still . . .

  3. Scott Robertson has some really fantastic stuff! I've been learning from him on youtube and BYU's Gnomon subscription. I admire you for continuing your education even after many consider you a master painter. I suppose that's the definition of mastery


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