Monday, December 19, 2005

Caricatures and Pig

I really like to do caricatures, but usually the ones I do aren't very kind to the subject they portray. This means that I have to stick with pretty safe people that I don't know but other people will recognize, like movie stars. Maybe someday I'll learn how to do those really cheesy ones you see in malls that people want to pay for and I'll make a bunch of money.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Other things

These two images were done under deadline. I think I finished them in about 4 hours total. I really wish I could have had more time to polish them.

Character design class

A while back I took a character design class from Ryan Woodward at BYU. It was a very useful class for me in many respects, mostly because it got me out of my comfort zone by quite a bit and made me reconsider my approach to character design.
Some of my work from the class was pretty terrible, but I'll share some of my favorite things.

In one section of the class Ryan made us attempt to imitate several artists' styles on our own character designs. I think this part had the most profound effect on my thinking about character design and style. I really screwed it up with the Claire Wendling imitation, but I'm pretty happy with my Shane Glines and Alessandro(sp?) Barbucci designs. But I'm not going to even post the abomination that came out of the Mike Mignola attempt.

The final assignment was to take a character design you had done earlier and make a 3-view turn-around of that character, make an expressions sheet for that character, and design 3 other characters from that world and style. I wish I had more time to make these designs really great, but I just didn't. But here they are anyway.


I'll try to update this blog at least a couple of times a month, so check back every so often. Thanks!