Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A post for the Avalanche blog.  When I was very young, somewhere between the ages of 3 to 5, I wanted to be a shark when I grew up.  But my mom tells me I was terrified of going into water, including the bathtub.  Now, thanks to Planet Earth and Youtube, it all makes sense.  Of course I didn't want to be a regular old water-bound shark.  I was planning to become one of those amazing flying sharks.  Alas, my dreams were never realized, but I do occasionally creep up on my children in the swimming pool and bite them just for old time's sake.

Also, in case anyone asks, I totally stole the ocean from a low-res photo and then painted over it.  They say cheaters never prosper, but the saying should be, "cheaters don't have to paint the whole stupid ocean."  I win.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School mascot WIP

A little volunteer work I'm doing for the new school one of my kids is starting at this year. The mascot is a phoenix that teaches kids how to play with fire safely (parents, I'm joking!). Although I can't help but wonder how long it's going to be before they ask me to replace the fire with bubbles or draw him in an anti-smoking ad.

I'm open to suggestions, including any ideas you might have for his name. My wife laughed when I called him Lighty. She said his name should be something way more dignified, like Flamey. As you can see, I desperately need your suggestions.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Part 5: Slow

I have a baby daughter! She was born on Saturday and is doing great. For my week off, I present a little more progress on the pirate picture I started working on a year ago:

I thought since it looks almost done I'd be able to hurry and finish so I had something to post this week. I forgot that this is the most time-consuming part of any complex painting, where you're trying to pull all the parts together toward a semi-consistent level of finish. Also, most of my week was spent bouncing a fussy baby. Next update: 2050?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Another concept that won't ever be used---partially because after it was rejected, I totally revamped it. Why would someone use their spare time to keep working on something that was rejected? Boredom maybe, or brain damage. At some point in the future I'll hopefully be able to talk about the project this was for.