Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vancouver workshop!

I've been so busy with projects recently that I keep forgetting to post this. I'll be teaching a workshop along with some legendary artists, in Vancouver in January. I'll be melding some of the stuff from my Schoolism classes together and adding some new things I've been learning into a workshop on how light can be used to tell story. Of course my demo will be painting, but the ideas will apply to any discipline that fuses value, color, and composition. I can promise that the other artists will make it worth coming, and I'll do my best to add something useful to the mix. My guess is that tickets will sell fast, so don't wait too long to sign up if you plan on coming.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Posted by request

Andrea Femerstrand (who you really should be following because she's amazing) asked what was different between my final version of this and where I ended up at the end of the class demonstration.
After end of lecture
The finished version
I think the earlier version more clearly communicates the feeling I wanted with the lighting, but that required the lighting to feel a little bland and static (perfect as a narrative beat but not as great for a stand-alone image). So I punched some of the contrast and added some soft rim lighting. I tried to look at the image from a distance and up close since once the image is posted I couldn't control the scale people see it at. I also changed some of the colors because I didn't like the color relationships in the original image. Anyway, I hope that is helpful to see.