Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I just realized that in my crazy schedule the last month, I never took the time to announce officially my change in jobs. I decided to leave Disney and teach at BYU full-time. This semester they have me teaching digital painting for animation, character design, and gesture drawing. BYU has a great animation program and the students are very talented so I'm excited to see what kinds of things we can do there.
I have no idea if the students are getting anything out of my character design class but at least I've been having fun doing the assignments with them. This assignment was to design a monster that was both scary and had a personality. This idea was based on the criteria we had on an unreleased project I worked on at Disney/Avalanche several years back.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Caricature for character design class

I'm teaching a character design class at BYU now. The first assignment is on caricature, which I think I've talked about on this blog as great exercise for character designers. I don't consider myself a strong caricature artist but I really love it anyway.

Based on this guy, here:
I think my guy ended up a bit more squarish than this guy feels but I wanted to communicate how solid his face and neck feel.

In other news, Schoolism is having a sale on Self-taught classes, here's the flyer: