Monday, September 30, 2013

Other Infinity Monsters

For the really early work for the monsters townspeople, we tried a couple different toy types. That was back before we knew we were doing Monsters University
I had to design the final townspeople so their limbs and parts were swappable.


  1. SAm.. as I like your 3d effect
    Almost every day you post 3 or 5 works
    But, how long time do you spend to make these works?
    2 or 3 days to each?

  2. love the abominable snowman, and the texture on him. Sad he didn't make it in...

  3. ...I love abominable (?). He should be in the game. I haven't bought the game yet...maybe Christmas. It looks like it is fun....and finally a game where people aren't killing people with all the blood and guts.

  4. Thanks Vinicius! A single character concept usually takes between 4-8 hours. The little townspeople monsters probably took less, 2-3 hours each.

  5. Emerson, Alan: I am really sad he didn't make it in, he's such an awesome character. Unfortunately he doesn't fit as a mission giver or an avatar in Monsters University.

  6. Wow... It was I thougt
    All of them are amazing render, so
    would take much time to make each one
    tks for answer ;)

  7. Sam I am in your class. I hope to learn a lot from you.
    You are Great!!

    1. My schoolism class? I hope you enjoy it!


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