Friday, June 09, 2006

My hero

This is the inspirational high school metal shop teacher that changed my life. Okay, not really. It's just some guy that I found on google. But I wish he was my hero.
Done for a drawing challenge at work where we were supposed to do some kind of portrait.


  1. really great Sam, can't wait to see what's next...

    got any more color script type stuff laying around =]

  2. Wow, your coloring is incredible. Great designs as well. This piece in particular is very appealing. Great stuff.

  3. NICE!!!!

    so sam when are you going to teach us juniors in the program how to paint??

    frick! i need to learn photoshop and painter better, and hopefully woodwards class l help out with my designs

    increddible work !!!

  4. Love this piece. Great character!

  5. Sweet! I wish he was my hero too. He looks like he's self satisfied, but probably shouldn't be. Very nicely rendered Sam, beautiful colors.

  6. hey sam,
    Man I would love to hunch over your shoulder while you work again. Amazing stuff

  7. crikey! the eyes are genius.


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