Monday, October 30, 2006

Heroes and Villains

Another character design assignment on heroes and villains. I've got two more on the way that I'll post tomorrow.

This first fellow was for the "unlikely hero" part of the assignment, and who would make a more unlikely hero than a cartographer? I was probably thinking about Wally from the Monkey Island series.

A stereotypical villain. And yes, this was a half-hearted effort at imitating Joe Olson's style.


  1. Do you know the Mutton Man, the Mutton Man, the Mutton Man?

    Abe says, "That guy must be a soldier or a hunter." Because of his gun, I assume.

  2. hey Sam, I expecially love the Mutton Man, lol, that just rolls off the tongue, really.

    I think he's got a nice flow and build to him! Always love seeing your charicactures, keep em coming!


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