Friday, January 26, 2007

Villain for Avalanche Blog

This was fun and quick. I think I'm going to do another villain soon. Or maybe more.


  1. He rocks. Vertical is a perfectly fine line of action. I doubt anyone would make fun of how he dresses. Or maybe that's what made him turn to evil.

  2. nice..ummm...boxers haha

    great look, deffinately evil!!!

  3. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Cool character,great use of colour.
    Funny underwear hehe...

  4. I love the fingers rubbing together! He's plotting something for sure! I think he could be related to Ming the Merciless!

  5. hah cool villain.
    kinda looks like he forgot his pants xD
    maybe that's what he's thinkin about.
    where he left them.

    but basically other than saying you've got skills, I added you to my link thingy on my blogg. If you don't want to i'll remove it again.

  6. hehe look funny :D

  7. Another great drawing!

  8. Ooooh! Very scary.

    Great exaggeration.

  9. Yay maybe more villains! This has such cool sharp shapes and just the right amount of details. Really nice.

  10. Fantastic colors, Sam. The boxers are hilarious!

  11. Congratulations Sam!
    Not knowing English is a problem for me.I have to study it so I´ll understand the half of the world.Don´t worry.My brother translates for me.
    Your blog is like your homegarden, where you plant and your works grow.
    I like your bg´s, specially your landscape with mountains and the oriental palace (wednesday, january 03-2007)The shadow in the lower side on the right is beatiful with those cool tones.You know how to choose colours for each image and give personality to your work.
    When I think of your models, you communicate your style.I specially like the blue elephant and the Moorish girl with the black hair.She reminded me for a moment the drawings of two compatriots of you (though your style is different) the americans Mitch Byrd and Joe Chiodo.Your illustrations have been edited for SQP, an editor of New Jersey.Some drawings of mine were edited there.Because I am pisces I swim through different graphic oceans.Not only animation.
    A big huge from Barcelona, man!

  12. Do another villain soon. This is great, be cool to see more, you have those villain down....

  13. Kick Ace Sam, good job!


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