Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Meet the Robinsons game

I did some very early concept art for the game, none of which was used. It was fun to kick out some wild ideas of how things should be, though. Lots of this stuff was really quick because I knew it was very likely to be rejected. I'll make a couple more posts with it art for the game in days to come.

All images copyright Disney 2007.


  1. what nice work and desing! amaizing colors!

  2. Sam these are great - you have a real skill for design

  3. Nice stuff ,especially the jester woman. I also found your writings on appeal very interesting. Is there a site that outlines the basic principles of design that i could go to?

  4. That was really nifty to pop up the mechanical ant and see the little operators in the eyes. Nice color and light on this too.

    In the old days you had to wait for the 'art of the whatever' book to come out before you got to see a little the concept art behind something.

    Years ago I got to see Robert McCall's art for The Black Hole. I was shocked when they weren't used in the movie. It was an early awakening for me on concept design.

  5. oh my, deadly stuff!

  6. Ant Queen? She is awesome! What a great understated attitude. Really nice work Sam :)


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