Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Another one for the "Bad Fantasy Art" challenge on the Avalanche Blog. I wanted to make a design that poked fun at the stupidity (both in concept and intelligence) of the standard female fantasy character. However, I didn't get the chance to take it as far as I would have liked. That big round loopy shape in the background was originally a dragon looking up at her, but I ran out of time and patience. Someone suggested I should have also made her a "furry," half-cat-half-human, decked in revealing armor, but I wasn't sure I could paint that and still retain my sense of dignity.


  1. Sam, thanks for the comment. You've got such awesome stuff here! I'm really impressed with all the Avanlanche crew's work.

  2. You gave her awesome shapes... and color!

  3. This is really great but you forgot the unicorn in the background.

  4. Sam,
    Love this piece,...
    color, lighting and shape. Fantastic. Great work all around!
    Very fun style.

  5. Nice one, but did you realized that maybe the theme of "fantasy art parody" is being repeated because you enjoy doing it? Nothing bad on it, of course, since the result is so great as this drawing..:)


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