Sunday, August 24, 2008

Something different, but why?

I tried to abstract the figure in the drawing session on Friday, resulting in this sort of strange hybrid between cartoony and real. Even with all the things I changed, I was still sticking too close to the model.

I used to have teachers that would emphasize, "Draw what you SEE." But I can't help but feel like I need to break from that and draw what I percieve instead. Maybe that's what they were talking about? But when I just draw what I see, I end up with a cold, dead sculpture (sort of like this picture). What I feel like I ought to be doing is capturing the action and essence of what I see---not the literal measurements and forms, but the image that is alive in my brain. I keep trying to reinterpret the figure in these drawing sessions, but I'm just changing the forms and facts. What am I missing? Is it just in the pose? Magic?
I may not get it yet, but at least now I have a goal to accomplish.


  1. I'm just a amateur artist, but this doesn't look dead to me. I am very captivated by the patterns of curve running up the far side of the figure, for calf, to hip, to breast, to shoulder, and all bridged together by the hand suspended off the back of a pillow. I would say this piece has a lot of rhythm and movement.

  2. she 's so Pretty ..!!!!
    had Any model to doing this ?

  3. I completely agree with you about drawing what we "SEE." This statement has always bothered me. I agree that this isn't as alive as some of your other pieces, but I also don't think she is dead to the world.

    This could almost be a 007 gal. Is she reaching for something with her left hand?

  4. wow. This is stunning.

  5. very nice and kinda sexy

    maybe i like dead girls

  6. Sam, The artwork is beautiful & she looks very alive to my eyes!

    You're VERY talented, you're not missing anything.

  7. Mel stole my comment.this is amazing sam.

  8. wow! really sexy! I like this post but the "ice cream"post is amazing.
    See you

  9. Amazing... in so many ways.

  10. This is great... very nicely done. I'm all about drawing what I feel like is happening -- probably because I can't draw what is actually there. It's true, though - poses, shapes, colors... everything seems to look better to me when you draw what you feel more than you draw what you see. You're a master of both, though... so, good job.

  11. sam,...yer killin me.....AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME. I love the color work

  12. This is awesome Sam,

    I love your work!


  13. Hellow,

    They are teachers so it's normal they are always saying that you have to draw what you see ... master won't tell you that.

    When I saw this painting, i was like "OMG, i love this one" then i decided to copy it my way ...

    Can I post my version on my deviantart account if i post a link to your blog or DA ? I can show you what i done before posting if you want ...

    Thanks for the answer :)

  14. Totally amazing, i have made it my Desktop picture!
    I love that there is a certain thickness to her clothing and the way the hip arches up. Its just SO GOOOD!
    Very much in love with it!

    Hell Yeahh!

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