Monday, October 13, 2008

Which witch?

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday, not because of costumes or candy, but because of the excuse to draw pictures of witches, pumpkins, and other spooky things. I have fond memories of drawing halloween pictures with my brothers and sisters and taping them up all over the house. Because I had eight siblings the crayon drawings basically became our new wallpaper.
This year I felt the urge to draw a witch for old times' sake. As I worked my six-year-old son came over and watched, then went off and drew his own witch. His turned out better than mine, so I painted that one instead. I didn't get to polish it like I wanted, but I'll post it anyway. I want to encourage my kids so someday they'll wallpaper my own house with Halloween drawings.
A few things to notice in his drawing:
- She's either got one messed up broom, or she's showing off by riding backwards standing tiptoe.
- Loopy side shoelaces
- That face!
- Should she be lifting the lantern with telekinesis instead? Ring lanterns could tax the old phalanges over time.
- Ball hands!!!! My new goal is to design every character with ball hands and askew fingers.
- The blue light on the top of her hat (he insisted). I guess so other witches don't crash into her? What's the lantern for then?


  1. Hey Sam!
    Your work is incredible, thanks for all! I have learned a loooot from you!


  2. Priceless! That is really fantastic. There's just something about kid's drawings that hold an energy and excitement that all of us lose somewhere along the way. I guess it's a good lesson to go back and try to tap into that free spirit! Thanks for posting, and thank your son for the really cool drawing!

  3. HA HA HA HA!!!! Oh! Man! the blue light on top of the hat!!!!Classic!!!
    That is soooo good!!

  4. These are awesome Sam.

  5. Talent runs in the family--great witch drawings!!!

  6. that's hilarious and awesome!

  7. These are great Sam.

  8. Frigging awesome.


  9. These are really fun. Kids drawings are so abstract I love it! :)

    This reminds me of this:

    Very creative! :)

  10. Once again, kudos to you and your offspring, Sam. That witch has been through one-too-many spell gone wrong.

  11. This is terrific, you're a hero to your son! Great witch drawing . . .Oh, and yours is cool too.

  12. what a great idea--and team!

  13. Ha! Awesome stuff. I'm totally gonna borrow that idea for my kids' drawings!

  14. Haha, love your work Sam, and your sons as well!


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