Friday, December 12, 2008


I've heard people complain before about the accuracy of Wikipedia articles. Then when I did some research for the current Avalanche topic, I finally discovered what people are talking about. Wikipedia lies. Aquarius is some cool being of watery power, not some dumb urn-sloshing doofus. I am not in denial.


  1. Yep. cool beings of watery power trump urn-sloshing doofi any day.

    Congratulations on the upgrade.

  2. Nice interpretation of the Aquarius! Definitely prefer the beast. Nice work!

  3. its a drink where i come from... (after the preposition, that is) (tokyo, really)
    like the flow of the lines in both, but the wee beastie does have a nice use of negative space over the wimp-with-beer-gut (he looks kinda like how one of those bad guys in a 1980's Molly Ringwald movie would look nowadays)

    BTW, whatever happened to the pirate/ninja painting?

  4. Both of these are really great . . . really nice line work!

  5. really awesome creations..totally prefer the sea beast...

  6. XD
    Now try combining that with your Chinese Zodiac animals.

  7. Anonymous7:40 AM

    are you made this by hand?

  8. TomRogal211:08 PM

    Tossing around ideas here, but what if the urn slosher is in fact the all powerful beast? Dork by day, god by night? Wikipedia combined with personal knowledge can create some intriguing new realities.


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