Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More artists

Samuel Michlap: I feel like I've posted his work before, but even so, his art is worth posting again.

Jeff Turley: Really appealing work with a variety of styles.

Pedro Sanchez: Has a truly unique and interesting style.

Zaruhi Galstian: Does some really appealing and expressive character designs.

Hadi Tabasi: Just fun.

Cory Loftis: My new favorite artist. So, so versatile.

Brittney Lee: I can't say how much I love Brittney's art. Her designs and compositions have all the charm of a Pixar movie and the finesse of an artsy French film.

Tatevik Avakyan: Again, super fun characters.

Tom Humber: One of those amazing artists who can do just about anything.


  1. Great links. Very inspiring. Thanks!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you, Sam. What a wonderful compliment from an incredibly talented artist! It really does mean so much to me:)

  3. Thanks for posting this list, Sam. There are a few in there I haven't heard of, but will be keeping track of from now on.

    Not in a stalker way... in a normal way.

  4. Tnx, Sam.
    Very nice links.

  5. Thanks Sam,
    It's all tasty!

  6. Thanks for sharing the artists!

  7. Absolutely amazing Sam!!!.When I grow up , i wanna be like u dude!.(I´M 38 years old) hahaha
    .Congratulations my friend ,

    I hope one day you taking a look to my blog!.

    bye the way , I have been watching your familiar blog , you got a adorable kids!


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