Monday, February 08, 2010


I like the result from last Friday enough that I won't wait to post it with a slew of others.  About 90 minutes.


  1. Wow , ninety minutes? , only? ,´re my master dude.
    .Did you copy it from photograph , or is it from your own sketch?

  2. spectacular piece really inspirational

  3. Thanks Pagas, Ambuj, galvinator, and mrpib!

    Jose: It was a live figure-drawing session, I just brought my laptop and a stylus.

  4. I wish you'd ask that girl to put on some more clothes. Unless you were just sort of peeking down through your window, and she was on the next roof over -

    The one thing I like about her is that she looks padded. Like an almost real woman. Fat is underrated. And you are a big fat show-off.

  5. let me get this straight... u get to work at disney, and they give u free life drawing sessions! man.. u are so lucky!

    btw: ur blog is so inspirational and u are one of my idols!

  6. sooooooooooo good, always spot on with the lighting. Do like the artist Walter Rane?

  7. wow, my eyes are bleeding!
    really great

  8. K: Just be happy she even has clothes, most figure drawing sessions use nude models.

    Mattanimation: I've seen his work, and I like it fine. I'm not really into that sort of art though---it serves its purpose but seems to be focused on another audience.

    Thanks ali, Tibo3d for the comments!

  9. inspiring! Love it.


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