Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finished (maybe)

I also added another tutorial on how I got it to this point.  Don't worry, I haven't abandoned doing tutorials on this site, in fact I've got one in the works that should be done in a few days.


  1. Ooo the discoloration from the scars are an extra nice touch! Wonderful stuff!

  2. This is great, Sam! The tutorials are thorough & very well done. I did have a question, though. How often is it that you vary the opacity of your "brush"? Or do you always paint with 100% opacity and use the soft edges to help create the blends?

  3. Dude, so sick. I really like how sculpted he feels, very nice use of lighting to show the form!

  4. This is awesome Sam, great character!

  5. AMAZING. thanks for the tutorials as well. Love 'em.

  6. It´s perfect , but only one thing:
    .You did´nt say what kind of layer we must make, (Multiply , screen , overlay ,etc).
    .You get a procces very similar to Adam Ford.
    .The only step that i can´t understand is "The heat map".
    .Thanks a lot my friend!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Mr. Dinks: I have the opacity of my brushes attached to the pen pressure, so I don't have to adjust the opacity very often, even when I'm using hard-edged brushes.

    Jose: I said what type of layers to make in my first tutorial, but I didn't use any layers in this second part (only to apply quick effects, nothing necessarily related to overall process). Yes, it is like a tutorial Adam Ford gave on his blog a while back, because he also thinks in terms of render passes when he paints, I'm guessing because he's a skilled 3d artist as well as a painter.

  8. Beautiful- I like that it's not overly rendered. I mean it is, but it's got a very simple soft look to it.

  9. Anonymous12:44 PM

    *__* amazing

  10. wa ho ! You improve that's painting!
    This one is more great!
    The lit and color looks much better! I like it~

  11. Very, very)
    Образ очень нравится, ну а исполнение как всегда - вкусное)


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