Friday, March 18, 2011

Schoolism Sale

In case anyone's interested, the self-taught version of my Schoolism class is $100 off for a short time!  The self-taught class has all the lectures from the full version, but doesn't include the personalized critiques,  instruction, and paintovers.  For more information, go here.


  1. Hi Sam,
    I'm really interested to take your class but I can not afford the full version of it. Before signing in I have a couple of questions.
    Do you also provide exercises in the "self-taught" version?
    And, beside Lighting do you also explain your methodology? how do you get such a clean and smooth line.
    Amazing work.

  2. mister bil: Yes, you do assignments for the self-taught version. I give you a grade for those assignments, but not a critique.
    I do talk a little about technique, but mostly as it relates to rendering (getting surfaces to look correct). I don't talk much about drawing in the class.

  3. You are so resourceful.

  4. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Any particular software used in this class?

  5. Stupid question alert: Are you still writing a book?

    I love your character designs and colour designs so much.

  6. Anonymous: I mostly use Painter in the demonstrations with a little photoshop, but the class is medium neutral. That means the things I teach can be used in multiple programs, or even with traditional mediums if you want (although the process might be different if you're using watercolors or other subtractive mediums).

    Shoki: Definitely, but my guess is the book isn't going to happen until a couple of years from now.

  7. When might the sale end? IM very interested but strapped for cash till the end of the month.

  8. As long as a book will eventually come I am happy! Thanks for the reply.

  9. Hi Sam ,
    I hope you have luck with your class

  10. The dude is completely just, and there is no suspicion.

  11. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Is this offer still on?

    Is this for the lighting course? and what program do you need for this, I have Photoshop.

  12. I think the sale has ended, but the class is still available. It is for the lighting class, and photoshop, or even any other semi-powerful painting program, should be fine.

  13. Hi Sam,

    I loved the course. I learned a ton. If ever you have a wait list or something of the sort for the eventual book. Please add me to it. You have a guaranteed sale!



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