Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Watercolor brushes

A comment in the previous post on brushes made me think I should examine the "Real Watercolor" brushes more closely, but with the proper expectations (ie. unexpected results are okay).  So I did, and I didn't try anything too crazy with them, but I like them better in that context.  Making multiple watercolor layers at once is nice.  The watercolor eraser is awful, though.  This was done for the Avalanche blog:
I still like the digital watercolors better though.  This was a drawing session a week or two ago.


  1. Anonymous8:47 PM

    You can get relatively nice watercolor likeness in photoshop too. I tried using lot of multiply layers and drawing with light values, like many layers on real paper.
    And check this:
    and this:
    for example.

  2. Trying to get used to those brushes as well as the real oils. Mixed success on my end. Hope to hear more of your thoughts and experimentations in future.

  3. Reading the comments, I can't help but feel like actual real painting sounds easier. But your results seem effective - probably because they're YOUR results.

  4. For me "Real watercolors" are very useful to create textures and escape a bit from a strict digital rendering, helps to add some tooth. It was used this way in The Illusionnist (Chomet's animated film), quite nicely.
    I also love "digital watercolors" for the perfect control you can have on values and color.


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