Monday, March 19, 2012

My class on sale

Because I post infrequently it seems like I'm doing this often, but I put so much time into developing this class and it's one of the few things I've created that I'm truly proud of.  So I'm going to advertise it all I want, darn it!

Also, this leprechaun Bobby Chiu designed is creepy cute, and I like it.


  1. Someday I'll take your class when I come into some money. I won't ever take a self taught class again. even tho they are amazing. I need critique and feedback. I took a self taught from Andrew Hou and i wished that I would have had the money to take the regular course!

    I love your blog and your work, btw. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just registered your self-taught class.
    Super excited!! :)


  3. Junko: Good, I hope you enjoy it!

    Kyle: I also think the full version is by far the most useful (good critique is just irreplaceable!), but the self-taught is still a great value because you get access to all the past critiques (literally hundreds of hours of useful information!). Unless, of course, you took Andrew's class when it was just beginning, then there wouldn't be any old critiques. And then I agree that it wouldn't be as worth it.

  4. Andrew did have critiques which were very beneficial. I love to see other's work critiqued because it helps me see the work of others in a different light.

    Critique on my work also helps me see things in a different light, and because it is work that I did, it improves and builds on the "vocabulary" that I used for that piece.

    either way, you are right, they are great.

    I'll wait until I have enough for your regular session tho :)

    thanks for the reply!

  5. Just signed up for your self-taught class as well! I'm looking forward to it!

  6. Very much looking forward to taking the self taught course this Summer. It will be a great addition to what I'm learning in my BFA program.

  7. Do you know if there will be any promos for the September 2012 courses? Thanks!

  8. Chantelle: I don't know when the promotions will be, that's something decided by Schoolism.

  9. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I have a quick question, I took your self taught lighting class and really enjoyed it, but I later decided that I would have greatly benifited from taking the full class.

    I plan to sign up for fall classes for your advanced lighting. Does Schoolism, by any chance, offer some kind of discount since I took the self taught already and am going back for the full one?

    My guess is no, but it never hurts to ask, right?


  10. Anonymous: E-mail me and we'll talk. I don't know the answer yet but I'll query and we'll see.


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