Monday, December 08, 2014

Posted by request

Andrea Femerstrand (who you really should be following because she's amazing) asked what was different between my final version of this and where I ended up at the end of the class demonstration.
After end of lecture
The finished version
I think the earlier version more clearly communicates the feeling I wanted with the lighting, but that required the lighting to feel a little bland and static (perfect as a narrative beat but not as great for a stand-alone image). So I punched some of the contrast and added some soft rim lighting. I tried to look at the image from a distance and up close since once the image is posted I couldn't control the scale people see it at. I also changed some of the colors because I didn't like the color relationships in the original image. Anyway, I hope that is helpful to see.


  1. Nice work! Cool Design. I want to see her in flight.

    1. Thanks Abe! I hope you're doing well these days.


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