Monday, February 23, 2015

Disney Infinity Hulk

Hulk designs I did back when we were first coming up with the style for Infinity. I think Disney had recently purchased Marvel and we were excited about the possibility of doing some of these characters.
We did this set of designs when we were pitching to Marvel the idea of extending Marvel characters into Infinity. I think we recognized even early on that the Marvel characters needed to have a bit more anatomical detail than the current Infinity lineup, but we didn't have any idea how to do that and keep true to the Infinity style.
We knew that there should be edges because that's a hallmark of the Infinity style. But which direction should those edges go, and how many sharp edges should there be? 
These paint-overs of represent the extreme end of our exploration for anatomical detail. I think we backed off just a tiny bit for the final models, as you can see in the final toy photos below. Most of the design work for Hulk came from Jon Diesta and Irene Matar, and I mostly supplied alternate solutions for how to handle details and edges, like in these paint-overs. I believe Bryan Allen did all the final sculpt work on the toy, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong guys).


  1. Cool! I am truly impressed by how you used additional edges to improve the flow of the shapes without changing the outer form. I think, I remember you posting some sort of troll on whose arm you shifted the muscles around so they would create easier-to-read shapes. Now I see how you came up with the concept.

    Would be thrilled if you were to elaborate on that. ^__^

    I wonder, is the rounding out of the pointy parts done for production reasons or to make the toys safer to play with?

    1. Benjamin, there is a requirement that toys don't have parts that are too hard and pointy. There's actually a tool you use to test the pointiness of those things. I might do another post on how to determine edge placement. Thanks!

  2. I love the designs! What programs do you use for 3D rendering?

  3. Demon McGill3:28 AM

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