Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Toy Story Infinity stuff

A Bullseye design from an original sketch by Jon Diesta. I included the sketch so you can see what changes I made while painting---Jon's design got it somewhere awesome but there are a lot of form, shape, and detail adjustments I had to make to get it all feeling like the character.
Another mount for Toy Story that was based on Bullseye's rig.
The Toy Story sequel we were making pre-Infinity mostly just transformed into the Toy Story in Space Infinity playset, which meant some of the elements migrated over, like this tree. They changed the "leaves" to purple in the final game.
I got to work on some of the Zurgbots, with a lot of help from my coworkers.
This Zurgbot was fun to design. It shot out goo that changed the size of different things (other Zurgbots, the avatar, etc.) during battle, which would change their speed, hit points, and behavior. Finding a way to get the purple and green in there and still make it menacing was a challenge.

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