Monday, August 17, 2015

Some character designs I did for Disney Infinity 3.0

I did a bunch of work early on Disney Infinity 3.0, which is coming out in a week. Here are a few of the concepts that I did that I've seen on other sites.
Worked on Boba Fett. Career achievement unlocked!

Fear was such a fun character to draw. It was tricky figuring out how to pull off the feel of skinny appendages in a way that could be molded into strong plastic, though.

A take on Yoda that didn't make it in, but might have influenced the final look. It's hard to tell sometimes.


  1. I've been wondering, how does the decision process for something like a game model work? Do the artists come together and find some kind of consensus - which I imagine would be difficult - or do you compile a number of designs and hand those off to some creative director who has a final say in the matter?

    1. Not answering for Sam, but typically -and this is how we do it at my studio- content designers make a request from art (we need such and such to be created), the assignment is given to an artist, based on his/her availability and/or strengths. From there, a series of thumbnails are done, and usually just one is picked for development. Now it goes to final drawing. Color variants are part of this process, either in thumbs or right up to the end. Scheduled daily reviews ensures there is a time slot for the lead & A.D., and gives the artist a deadline for any changes/goals. Once the concept is considered finished, it is sent to someone else to model, then someone else to animate. A good art director stays involved at each step of the way; having time slots for these types of reviews for every discipline within the art department.
      As for creative directors, they are more of the big picture for the game, and don't get involved with the art as much, which is left to the art director, whose job it is to have final say on the art. That's a typical statement, because some creative directors are also the key artist, but again- that depends on the studio. At our studio (ZOS), we've had 3 or 4 creative directors, none of whom have any hand in the art pipeline.

    2. Oh thanks Mike, for answering for me. ;)

      Benjamin, I think feeb answered more eloquently than I could have. The only thing I'd add is that in the case of Disney Infinity, characters are decided on based on a number of characteristics: How well they are liked/how much people might be willing to buy the figurine, how much the art director likes them, and whether or not their abilities can translate across into interesting gameplay.

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