Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fixing Old Art, Part 1

I keep resolving to post more, but the resolution barely survives past the post where I make the resolution. So, this time I'm going to commit myself to a series where I show how I would improve the cruddy art I did years ago.

Here's the image I'll start with, something weak from years, and years, and years ago. Or, 2003.

I know, some of you will look at this and think "What's wrong with it?" Others may be thinking, "Only five years ago you were doing this garbage?" To both parties I say, it's not really that bad, and some parts are working well, but it's both planned and finished poorly. We'll see in time whether my improvements will be actual improvements.

There, now I'm committed.

In other news, a couple months ago I got whooping cough. It's not as fun as it sounds, I haven't whooped once (I'm a little sad about that). I didn't go to the doctor until it was obvious something was really wrong with me, and although he gave me antibiotics, the damage was already done. Apparently, the coughing part of whooping cough can sometimes last for up to a year after the bacteria is dead. Unfortunately, the coughing part is a lot worse than you'd imagine---constant coughing fits, difficulty breathing, and in my case, a runny nose that makes the coughing worse. So when you're wooing your love interest over a plate of manicotti at Olive Garden, and some guy is coughing constantly in the next booth, messing up the romantic ambiance? Yeah, that's me. Sorry. Maybe it will help to think about how good my wife is for putting up with it all.

On a positive note: These days, two hours of uninterrupted sleep feels awesome, and I'm ecstatic every time the doctor finds a medication that gets my throat to relax, even if it means I have to use some kind of strange drug paraphanelia while I'm at work, closing my door and crouching in a corner with a guilty look on my face if anyone comes in to sate their curiosity. Anyway, it's nice how perspective can help your attitude, making you grateful for things like being able to breathe. And I can use the time I'm awake at night to work on posts for this blog.

The moral of the story: Get your booster shots. I think the Tetanus booster has a vaccine for whooping cough in it, and it lasts for about ten years.


  1. Pirates vs. Ninjas. I love it! You have gotten way better at illustrating. I look forward to seeing the upgrade.

  2. Dude, sorry to hear about the whooping cough. I just got my dog vaccinated for it, and when the vet said that it was common in humans I was puzzled. You are proof of her statement I suppose.

    Anyway, feel better. Breathe easy. Thanks for reminding me of how much I like breathing!

  3. Great taste in "sam's tasty art" :P

    love the work bro!
    gonna digg at every one of em!

    regards from India


  4. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Fantastic design and rendering of the characters Sam...all looks great..inspiring stuff..

  5. nice work on this blog. keep it up.

  6. Crummy about the whooping cough. Hope you get better soon. I hear oxygen masks are very fashionable.

    I'm excited to see the new improved drawing! I'm in the "What's wrong with it as it is?" group. Oh except the pirate on the right is grabbing the blade with his left hand, I'd like to see his fingers all over the deck with blood. Lots of blood. Other than that it looks great.


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