Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Part 3, Prancing Pirates

A very early progress shot of my revisions to the pirates.

I brought them closer together so they read as a unit and re-posed them so their limbs would create a sort of sunburst shape out from the Captain's head (but only as far as it felt natural).

I tried to make the characters feel stronger and more able, but also accentuated their differences in face and body type. I went a bit further with the caricature, so people hopefully won't be confused about whether the picture is supposed to be serious or not. I also think this will just make the image more fun, (even if it's just more fun for me to work on, you have to consider that as a factor too). I might find ways to simplify them more as I put color into them---just get them more streamlined so people aren't distracted by unnecessary details.

I'll talk about what I'm doing with the background and the ninjas in a later post. Right now, I'm tired and I'm going back to bed.

Also, you should stop typing without punctuation and capitalization. It makes you sound like a robot in my head when I read your sentences.


  1. Back to bed? Sleepless night, huh?

    I am digging the rotund fellow and his massive cabeza. There is something very amusing about a guy that large singing his heart out.

  2. Awesome, I can't wait too see the next stage!

  3. i like the changes its very cool wow

  4. It's already looking much more fun. Great insights!

  5. Nice Sam! this is cool to see your thought process as you improve your own drawing. I think you should flip the big guys arms so his right arm has the knife and is reaching up...that way you could help the tangent and help the sunburst element even more. Just my 2 cents. Lookin loads better already!

  6. Hahaha, got to have to explain the robot thing to me at work ...

    Great poses dude!

  7. Do you take photo reference for some of your stuff or is it all from the top of your head


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