Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Infinity: Captain Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow went through just as many iterations early on, but I didn't do as many this time.
I included my (slightly) touched up version of Jason's awesome drawing, as well as Jon Diesta's final design.
Here's where the final model ended up for comparison.


  1. hello sam ..... I've been following your posts, not to say how fantastic are, and for some time I have been following your blog and inspiring ..... dont know if u have permission to answer what I ask, or if my question has already been answered before, but does not hurt to try hehehe ... and I understand if you can not .... but my doubts .... and the next volume in which the media you design or team, to produce make a character like that jack?? ... I imagine it's a lot

  2. Sam, this has been a great series. I've loved seeing how you and others have taken these iconic characters and transferred them into a specific new style while maintaining in some way their, what, quintessence? Either way, great job. The Mr. Incredible before and Jack Sparrow here are the most impressive to me, especially seeing the other possible versions. Cool stuff!

  3. Zecarlos: I'm not completely sure what you're asking, are you asking about the software we're using?

    Thanks Josh!


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