Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Inifinity: Designing Hector Barbossa

All images below are under the copyright of Disney.
The Barbossa on the right was the first one I designed, and after our art director told us to go for the Barbossa from the first movies, I drew the one on the left. I still like a lot of things about the original face though.
This is the last step I took on the character.

Our 3d guys have to do a lot of redesigning in order to make the character work in 3 dimensions. The sword was not meant to be bent, that's just a result of the flexible material the toys are made out of.
A comparison to the original.


  1. IT´s very good Sam
    I like a lot the style of this game

  2. Thanks for sharing these!

    How early in the development of Infinity were you working on Barbossa?

    One last question: (Sorry about all the questions, I'm just really curious) What kinds of challenges did you face when interpreting a live action character into a toy? I imagine live actors might take a bit more time compared to characters in an animated movie.

  3. Thanks Vinicius!

    Nasan: Somewhere in the middle. I don't think we started him until about a year and a half ago.

  4. I wish I could play him!

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