Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Infinity: "Designing" Davy Jones

Because most of the characters in Infinity were preexisting characters, our primary design goal was to bring them all into the same style while preserving what makes their character so interesting. This may sound simpler than designing the character in the first place, but it wasn't any easier. Sometimes it was harder. I think that on average, we went through just as many iterations on the character redesigns as you would with a new character. Some characters were particular challenges because of their detail and demeanor, and Davy Jones was one of these. How do you make a cute, cartoony toy still look intense and gritty?

Refinement of a design by Jason Kim

Painting over over a Jon Diesta drawing

Painting over the near-final model to figure out surface and detail


  1. Excellent work by everybody-stellar!

  2. did you draw all of these pictures?

  3. Thanks Don, Jenny!

    Abraham: Yes, I did all of these.

  4. Oh man! Davy Jones was the first figure I bought in this line! I effing LOVE the designs for this entire line! I don't even have an XBox or PS3 or whatever it is you play these on. I just get them because they look amazing.

    Totally looking forward to the Marvel line.

    1. Thanks J! We really tried to design these so people would want to collect them, so I'm happy to hear that at least one person is!


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