Monday, August 26, 2013

Inifinity: Toy Box Enemies

These designs were for some generic enemies that people could spawn in the Toy Box. I think they ended up looking a bit different in the final game, but it was fun to work on them anyway.


  1. That Aladin guy is the bomb Sam!

  2. Benjamin Weiler12:16 PM

    Could you go into some juicy details how you made them look so toylike?

    Because that is what fascinates me most about them, they retain their personality and at the same time you can they they are action-figures.

    Is it the details or the materials thickness? Do tell! ^___^

  3. Amazing! Alladin was my favorite disney cartoon.. until lion king.. hahaha.. nice the bulk form that you give to the character!

  4. That wouldn't be your office in the reflection in the jewel in the first figure would it? :)

    Also, do you carry some of these designs to a more finished state out of personal desire,time constraints, or for other reasons?

    I think these are all great, but I personally love the design you've got in the crossbow in the second figure. I like the arch in the middle of the bow. It adds so much 'spring' to the design.

  5. I like the style of painting and especially emotions of the characters.

  6. Thanks Adam, Estevao, and Marek!

    Benjamin: Maybe I can talk about that in a future post. It's a bit of both things you talked about, and a little the render/surface quality.

    Nasan: There are multiple reasons why some of these end up more finished. Generally, the quicker the approval (and the less the art director cares), the more finished the final design ends up. The more we have to rehash a design, the more our frustration starts to show through the cracks (and the more we feel guilty for indulging in that extra hour or two of render time). If it were up to me, we'd spend a little extra time polishing every finished design, because it serves multiple purposes that way: including informing surfaces, becoming a direct or indirect inspiration for the team, and being useful for marketing.
    The crossbow is mostly a simplification of the one in the movie, so I can't take any credit for that.

  7. Awesome stuff.

    Please sir can I have some more? :-)

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  10. This is FANTASTIC SAm!


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